A Catalyst for Conversations

How podcasters are the change engine for driving human connection and meaningful conversations.

Let’s face it. Human beings are social creatures who thrive on engaging with each other. We’ve made it this far as a species, through conversations that taught us our mistakes, shared our achievements, and inspired us to do better.

In this revival of the golden age of audio, podcasting is presented as a go-to medium to engage, grow, and relate to audiences like never before.

Podcasting has grown over the decades, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Available across platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and many others, estimating over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes at any given time.

The premise of the podcast was all about putting talented individuals under the scope, uncovering nuggets in how they perfected their craft in everyday mediocre rituals.

The podcast became something larger than anyone could have ever imagined. Over a span of 3 months since its launch, Mastering Mediocrity ended up ranking #15 on Most-Listened Podcast on Apple Podcast in Sri Lanka, with over 10k streams.

However, the medium, especially in the South Asian region, lacked the recognition it deserved and missed a functioning revenue model. On one hand, you had ample creators but not enough of a target audience for certain niches, on the other side there were audiences patiently waiting for more episodes to drop, with no luck.

On top of this, creators who pour in time and resources, don’t get compensated for their efforts. This was a major issue that needed desperate attention.

Paradeim is a concept put into motion to help incubate podcasters, drive growth, enable monetization, develop advertising opportunities, and nurture relationships with listeners through driving human connection and meaningful conversations.

I feel there’s more to this than just an idea as every nook of media has been revolutionized, podcasting is one wave I wouldn’t want to miss out on — so, I’m getting to work.

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