Paradeim launches a new original podcast Murder, She Cried

Murder, She Cried, hosted by investigative journalist and true crime enthusiast Stephanie Herft is a serial podcast unearthing some of the most gruesome crimes to originate from Sri Lanka is the latest show to join the Paradeim’s Podcast Network.

Stephanie Herft has been told stories of true crime ever since she was a child by her late father. Having this innate passion for uncovering true crime stories from the past lead her to share these forgotten crimes on her Tik Tok. This set off a viral interest from the younger generation who were keen to learn more about their country’s hidden past.

“Being the daughter of true crime enthusiasts, I’ve had an innate passion for true crime. I’ve grown up wanting to tell these stories which have been forgotten.” said Stephanie Herft, host of Murder, She Cried.

Most true crime stories can be unraveled by looking at the facts. Some facts, however, appear stranger than fiction. Discover Sri Lanka’s most gruesome true crimes exclusively on ‘Murder, She Cried’ with Stephanie Herft an original podcast from Paradeim. Listen to records of serial killings, the occult, romance that went wrong, and the paranormal.

The podcast will feature the most unfiltered version of true crime or paranormal occurrences that actually took place in Sri Lanka. We have stories set in Kollupitiya, Buthgamuwa, Nawala, Anuradhapura. Stories that most of the listeners grew up listening to but did not know the entire length of the stories and these stories have been forgotten over time.

Murder She Cried launches on October 4th, ahead of its release with the trailer alone pushing the podcast to №1 on Apple Podcast Charts in Sri Lanka — True Crime.

Stephanie, Host of Murder, She Cried said: “The stories are able to reach an audience who’ve grown up not knowing the history of what this country has lived through. It’s important to be able to have the freedom to share these stories with the world. Restricting history from being shared leads to history itself being repeated. Working with Paradeim has made my life so much easier. They’ve been so helpful in helping me navigate this world and making my show the best it can be. I’m really excited to see the impact that this show creates!”

Zeeshan Akram Jabeer, Executive Producer of Murder, She Cried said: “Stephi is a brilliant storyteller, she really does have an innate ability in picking the most obscure and often untold stories and experiences, dissecting them, and conveying them in a format that is not done before. Murder, She Cried is a great jumping-off point to explore and go beyond these stories. At Paradeim, we’re very optimistic about what the future will hold for podcast series like this both within Sri Lanka and for South-Asia as a whole.”

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