Paradeim launches a new original podcast Murder, She Cried

Murder, She Cried, hosted by investigative journalist and true crime enthusiast Stephanie Herft is a serial podcast unearthing some of the most gruesome crimes to originate from Sri Lanka is the latest show to join the Paradeim’s Podcast Network. Stephanie Herft has been told stories of true crime ever since she was a child by her […]

What Is A Podcast And Why Should I Care?

You’ve heard all about podcasts, but you aren’t sure how it works. Even though they have been around for nearly two decades, Podcasts are soaring now more than ever. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the rise of the format has rapidly grown in popularity. Today, opportunities for new podcasters are going from strength to strength and […]

A Catalyst for Conversations

How podcasters are the change engine for driving human connection and meaningful conversations. Let’s face it. Human beings are social creatures who thrive on engaging with each other. We’ve made it this far as a species, through conversations that taught us our mistakes, shared our achievements, and inspired us to do better. In this revival […]